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Nearly a Dozen Organizations Pool Resources to Launch Propel Indy, a New Multi-Year Program for Domestic Violence Survivors

20 months of classes are designed to empower survivors in their recovery and success Read More >>

Help Provide Nourishment and Peace

As you sit down for meals with your family and friends this holiday season, please think about Tristan and his aunt Connie, who are among the nearly 1,000 families who live at The Julian Center each year. For every one of those families, sharing a meal together in peace is a priceless gift. Read More >>

Give the Gift of Hope

Spring is traditionally a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. For hundreds fleeing domestic and sexual violence, that new start begins at The Julian Center. But when they enter the safety of The Julian Center, these children – and their parents – have something they haven’t felt for a long time; hope. Read More >>

April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Indy has lots of ways for you to get involved! Here is a list of activities. Read More >>

Gen Con Names The Julian Center as 2015 Charity Partner

Gen Con, North America’s largest and longest-running gaming convention, has selected The Julian Center as its charity partner for 2015. Each year, Gen Con partners with one charity, local to Indianapolis, fostering events intended to create donations for the partner organization. Read More >>

Invest in the future with your IRA distribution

If you own an IRA and are age 70 1/2 or over, you must take a distribution from your IRA each year and pay income tax on the distribution. There is a charitable giving option for meeting the required minimum distribution which you can use to support The Julian Center. Here’s how the IRA rollover works: Read More >>

Colts and Irsay Family Support Domestic Violence Charities

Since moving to Indiana 30 years ago, the Indianapolis Colts have supported thousands of charitable organizations addressing hundreds of important community needs, including the awareness and prevention of domestic violence. Read More >>

Empowerment and Counseling Center

The Sara and Albert Reuben Empowerment and Counseling Center merges several critical services into one location including: one-on-one advocacy; extended case management; counseling; legal services, Protective Order clinic ... Read More >>

Transforming a Life ...

Sometimes transforming a life starts with a safe night's sleep. Mandy needed that ... you were there to help. Thank you! Others, like Mandy, are at The Julian Center tonight with their children sleeping peacefully knowing they will be safe. Read More >>

I Am Safer

"I love The Julian Center because the school is great and I like the toys they give us. Also I am safer when I'm here. I love the Julian Center park. It is fun for us there! Thank you!" Read More >>

New World Health Organization

"According to the new [World Health Organization] report, about 1 in 3 women age 15 and above has been physically abused or raped, and over 85% of those women were attacked by their own partners." Read More >>

SEPHORA & The Julian Center

Working together to increase the awareness of domestic abuse and to stop the violence! For more information, click "read more" to learn about the Values Inside Out initiative. Read More >>

How Art Can Help Heal

The use of art therapy is instrumental in helping many victims of domestic abuse work through their complicated feelings after leaving an abuser. Here is one woman's triumph after working on a therapy project... Read More >>

No Longer a Victim but Victorious!

Melinda had the courage to leave an abusive relationship. She was safe and living in The Julian Center's emergency shelter. She needed to find the courage to carry on, learn to make decisions for herself and ... Read More >>

When Men Do Nothing

First, he began to tell her what to wear, and I did nothing because, obviously, he cares what she looks like...Then, he came home from a bad day at work and told her the house looked like crap and said she was a pig ... Read More >>

Survivor Shares Her Story to Help a Friend

A surivor of domestic violence learns that sharing her story with another helps not only her friend but herself. Read Bonnie's story of surviving two violent relationships. She then gets the courage to share her story with someone who really needs to find strength to leave her situation. Read More >>

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

It is estimated that domestic violence costs employers between $3-5 billion every year. Moreover, employers lose another $100 million in lost wages, paid sick leave, and absenteeism linked to domestic violence. Victims use the emergency room more often, visit physicians more ... Read More >>

Amanda's Journey to Freedom

Amanda was a young woman who became involved in a serious relationship as a teenager. Over time, she slowly moved away emotionally from her family and closer to her boyfriend. Amanda watched many of her early dreams fade into the fabric of her all-encompassing relationship. Read More >>

Assistance League of Indianapolis

Every year key community partners like the Assistance League provide much needed resources for victims. Read More >>

Mommy and Baby Tammy

"I never imagined myself in this type of situation!" A mother in need ... you responded within two hours. A mother and child home from the hospital safely in their new violence-free home. Thank you ... may you all be blessed with joy in your hearts knowing you have saved another." Read More >>

We Celebrate a Hero - Officer Pearsey

We honor Officer Charles Pearsey with the Law Enforcement Act to End Domestic Violence (LEAD) Award. This award was presented to Officer Pearsey at The Julian Center's quarterly Judge's Luncheon as a way to share vital information among DV agencies and law enforcement and to honor officers that take extra steps to help victims. Officer Pearsey is one of these officers and this was the second time he has won this award. Read More >>

Telling Amy's Story

Four years after Amy Homan McGee first fell in love with her husband, he killed her while her children waited for her outside their home. “Someone call 911. I just shot Amy,” said Vincent McGee, as he stumbled out the door, but she was already dead. She was 33. Read More >>

Don't Pitch That Old Cell Phone

With October being Domestic Violence Awareness month, you should be aware of a better option. Not only is this option the green way of ridding yourself of an unwanted cell phone, this option can help save a life. The Julian Center accepts old cell phones as donations to help victims. Your phone will be can be a lifeline ensuring victims that help is always a button push away. Read More >>

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