Why Support Us

In the United States, a woman is beaten every 9 seconds and a child is abused every 2 minutes.  Over the next 24 hours, domestic violence will send 1 out of every 3 abused women to the hospital. Over the next 24 hours, 3 children  - either from abuse or from neglect - will die.

Your support of The Julian Center is a gift of safety. For some, it can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Your support will help stop the violence.

Who are we?

For 40 years we have been providing support to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  We do that with compassion and a strong belief that there's hope and an opportunity for healing. We are one of the largest facilities of our kind in the country and have been nationally recognized as a model for communities seeking to improve their responses to domestic violence.  

Why The Julian Center?

Domestic violence victims are some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society. Behind closed doors, in homes where we should all be safe, victims pay a high - and too often the ultimate - price at the hands of their abusers. They endure physical trauma, emotional scars, loss of self esteem and fear. The Julian Center is the first step for victims to escape the violence, start the healing, and rebuild their lives. We believe in providing a holistic continuum of care where individuals can address their physical, mental, emotional, and social situations.

Why now?

The occurrence of domestic violence is prevalent. It happens in the most intimate of family and interpersonal relationships. It is an equal opportunity crime. Race, ethnicity, socio-economic factors do not matter. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence. Each year we provide assistance to 6,500 men, women, and children.  We cannot do this without your support.

How will my gifts make a difference?

Providing a safe place for victims is our first priority. Yet, safety alone is not enough to mitigate the effects of domestic violence. Victims need help to heal the physical and emotional scars domestic violence brings. They need advocacy and supportive services to help reclaim their self-sufficiency. They need counseling and ongoing therapy to provide understanding, acceptance, and a chance to break the intergenerational cycle of abuse. For many, the road to recovery is long, but the needs are simple ...  “keep me safe, let me hope, help me understand, and show me a way to a life without violence”.  

Will your gift make a difference?  Yes.  Every hour of every day.

Will you help? 

Together, we can stop the violence.


In 60% of 
domestic violence cases,
children are involved.

Each year, we
protect more than 
1,000 in our emergency
shelter and serve an
additional 6,200
in outreach.
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