Annual Fund

The Julian Center’s annual fund is approximately $1,700,000. This means The Julian Center must raise this amount each year over and above the financial support we receive from government grants and the United Way of Central Indiana. Funds are used to continue the operations of our emergency shelter, transitional housing program, case management, legal services and much, much more.

People, like you, are critical to this effort.


The Sojourner Society

Members of The Sojourner Society are dedicated to the long-term sustainability of The Julian Center. 
Through annual gifts of $250 or more, members provide on-going operating support for the agency. Because of the unrestricted nature of the gifts, The Julian Center may choose to use a donation to help pay utility bills, provide food for shelter residents, or to support domestic violence programs like case management, civil legal services, or community outreach. 

Gifts to the Sojourner Society are used wherever the need is greatest. The Julian Center is committed to providing good stewardship of these gifts, thereby earning the on-going trust of its members. Toward this goal, The Julian Center makes our financial statements accessible for your viewing.  To access, click here.

Your Membership

Your membership in the Sojourner Society positively impacts the women and children served each year by The Julian Center.  Domestic violence requires a community-based solution.  The Sojourner Society is your opportunity to be an activist on behalf of the many women and children who will need emergency shelter after fleeing a violent home.

Levels of Giving

  • Member:  $250-499
  • Friend:  $500-$999Make a Society Gift
  • Advocate:  $1,000-$1,499
  • Patron: $1,500-$2,499
  • Guardian: $2,500 - $4,999
  • Founder: $5,000 or more
Annual Fund
Your gifts positively impact
the women and children served
each year.

Please consider joining
the Sojourner Society and
become an activist on behalf of
the women and children who
need your help fleeing
violent homes.


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