Donate Stock/Securities

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds that have been held for one or more years can provide great tax savings for you since the capital gain on unrealized appreciation is waived.
Gifts of securities will be recorded at fair market value on the date of transfer.

Certificates held by you 

You may give securities you hold in certificate form to The Julian Center by hand delivering or mailing the certificate to our office.  If you plan to mail the certificate, please call Catherine O'Connor at (317) 941-2206 for specific instructions.

Securities held by your broker

Due to current statutes, your broker is not allowed to disclose any personal information when they transfer your securities.  This includes your name.  If you wish to gift stock through your broker, please use these three steps so that we may recognize your gift.

Complete the Gift of Security Transfer and mail it to the address shown on the form.
Provide your broker with your name and address, the name and number of shares/certificates to be donated, and how you wish your gift to be designated (if any).
Give your broker the following contact information so he/she may contact us for specific transfer instructions.
The Julian Center
Catherine O'Connor
2011 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN  46202-1305
(317) 941-2206 

Mutual Funds

Each mutual fund has special transfer procedures.  If you would like to donate shares of a mutual fund to The Julian Center, please contact Catherine O'Connor either by phone at (317) 941-2206 or by email.

Donate Stock
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