Donate Vehicle

Donating your used vehicle to The Julian Center is just one more way you can make a difference.  We accept cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks.

Benefits of donating your vehicle:

  • Benefit Victims:  Your donation will benefit a victim or the proceeds from its sale will help underwrite vital victim services.
  • Tax Deduction:  We are a 501(c)(3) organization which means you may qualify for a tax deduction.
  • Avoid Costs:  You avoid costs associated with selling your car; no advertising costs, no loss of privacy.
  • Towing:  If your car needs to be towed, we will arrange that for you.
  • Other Costs:  No need to pay for vehicle registration, insurance, and repairs to keep your car in running condition while you wait for a buyer.

Use of your vehicle: 

If your vehicle is in good working order with no repairs needed, then it will be made available to a victim who is in need of transportation.  In order to be considered, the individual must be a client of one of The Julian Center residential programs, be able to purchase insurance, and have the resources and ability to maintain the vehicle.
If your vehicle is not in good working order, then it will be sold at auction.  For several years, The Julian Center has partnered with Christy’s of Indiana, Inc.  Our long standing agreement has been a 90/10 split, with 90% of the sell value benefiting The Julian Center and 10% covering their liquidation costs.

How to donate?

Complete the online vehicle donation form by
Upon receipt of your completed form, a representative of The Julian Center will contact you.
Within 30 days of the disposition of your vehicle, you will receive by mail an IRS Form 1098-C to file with your income tax return.


Call Misty Wick  at (317) 941-2205 or via email by clicking here.
Donate vehicle
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