Your Gifts at Work

Every gift helps those in need.  

Here are a few examples of how your gifts

make a difference.

$25 will provide a gas card for clients who need to purchase gas for job and housing placements.
$30 will provide one box of diapers for a mother entering shelter with children three years or younger.
$42 will provide a child with three meals and one snack daily for an entire week.
$50 will provide one overnight stay in The Julian Center Shelter. 
$50 per month will help clients secure copies of personal documents like birth certificates and social security cards which are left behind when families flee their homes.
$60 will provide a 31 day bus pass to a shelter resident searching for employment and housing opportunities.

$75 per month will provide assistance with purchasing prescriptions for clients without health insurance or helping with co-pays for those with insurance.
$83 will bring six families safely to shelter via cab.
$100 will send 10 children on a wilderness field trip during their stay in shelter.
$146 will provide case management for six women for a day.
$150 will purchase a one way bus ticket to another state for a woman fleeing her abuser.
$160 will bring the Mad Science program to children staying in shelter.
$220 will provide one case of asthma aero chambers for children staying in shelter with an asthma diagnosis.
$250 will provide the rental deposit for a woman and her children moving into an apartment.
$260 will provide 3 hours of enrichment activities per week, for children three to five years of age, focusing on basic social and developmental skills.
$284 will provide art therapy for one year for up to eight children per month.
$560 will provide the 200 gallons of milk needed each month to accompany shelter meals.

Our monthly obligations

The Julian Center operates a 30,000 square foot domestic violence facility which has 21 shelter rooms and 11 transitional housing rooms. One hundred plus women and children can be served daily with approximately 1,200 victims of domestic violence finding safe shelter on an annual basis.
While The Julian Center is known for keeping expenses low so that most of our resources can be focused on client services, there are some daily expenses that are beyond our control:
  • Indianapolis Power and Light:  $31,200 Annually
  • Citizens Water:  $18,000 Annually
  • Citizens Gas:  $21,408 Annually
  • AT&T:  $10,020 Annually

Children felt safe
“The things that I liked most about
The Julian Center is that my
children felt safe, my advocate
supported me, and the fact that they
give you chances and don’t
turn their backs.”
Everyone one is so open & honest
“Everyone is so open, honest and
supportive. They show that
they truly cared about me. The
resources available to me and my
child brought me peace of mind.
I know that I can make it.”

No judgement
“The Julian Center is a safe place
where no one judges you. The staff
cares about me, my daughter and
are attentive to our situation and
have so many words of
encouragement and support.”

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