Have a Party

Interested in helping the men, women, and children at The Julian Center? Host a party at your home with your friends and family. Educate your attendees about domestic violence and what they can do to help make a difference. Gather your donations and bring them to The Julian Center which allows us to care for domestic violence victims and their children.

Need ideas?

Here are a few:
  • Instead of exchanging holiday, housewarming, or birthday gifts, ask each person to bring a monetary or in-kind gift
  • Collect monetary or in-kind gifts at anniversary or graduation parties
  • For your next family gift exchange, ask each person to bring an item from our Wish List or a cash gift

How this helps

By having a party, you can help The Julian Center raise the necessary funding to support clients as well as discuss with your family and friends the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault in Central Indiana.
Ending domestic violence requires a community response. This is one way YOU can help break the cycle of abuse.


If you have questions, please call Misty Wick at (317) 941-2205 or via email by clicking here.
Ending domestic violence
requires a community response.
Host a party to help care for
victims of domestic violence
and their children.
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