Host a Benefit

Are you willing to help The Julian Center raise money?  Consider hosting a benefit.
A benefit is a fundraiser organized and paid for by a volunteer from the community.  It can be as simple or elaborate as you like.  It’s up to you since it is your fundraiser!
This is another way you can make an impact and difference in our community by helping The Julian Center raise money to support domestic violence victims and their children.
Thank you for caring about our clients! 


Getting Started

To get started, it's an easy three step process.
You must first read and agree to our Fundraising Guidelines.  To review, click here.
Submit Proposal.
Once you agree to the above guidelines, you must submit your event proposal for staff review.  This is quick and easy to do.  Simply click here, complete and submit.
Our staff will review your request and make a determination if your proposed event aligns with The Julian Center's mission and strategic plan.  Once you get an approval, either via email or by phone, you will be ready to go.  Please do not proceed until you get this final approval.


Please contact Misty Wick at (317) 941-2205 or via email by clicking here
Host a Benefit
Host a benefit.
Have an impact.
Make a difference.
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