Our mission is to provide the support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault need to recover and build a life free of abuse.  That support comes mostly through supportive services including emergency shelter, outreach, counseling, transitional housing, affordable housing, advocacy, education, case management, and more.

First Step

For most victims, The Julian Center serves as their first step to escape the violence, start the healing, and establish new lives.  We believe in providing a holistic continuum of care where survivors can address their physical, mental, emotional, and social needs.

Best Practice

Our model, recognized as a best practice under the President's Family Justice Center Initiative, embraces this approach while bringing a multitude of services to one location, under one roof, to serve victims in the best way possible.

If you are here because ...

You - or someone you know - needs help, please know that we are just a phone call away. We encourage you - or your friend - to take the next step, stop the violence, and ask for help.
You are interested in learning more about the prevalence of domestic violence and the impact The Julian Center makes in our community, then we invite you to linger. 

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If you are a victim, please call us.

24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: 317.920.9320

There is hope.
You have options.
We can help.


Domestic Violence Services
Domestic violence, rape, and
other forms of abuse leave
many women alone to
suffer in silence. The shame,
stigma, and fear of
repercussions make it
difficult to tell

In some
societies, many
men - and sometimes
women - believe beating
is justified.

It is not.
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If you need help, call The Julian Center 24-Hour Crisis Line at (317) 920-9320.