Outreach Services

Each year we touch the lives of over 5,500 domestic violence victims and their children.  We know that many more suffer in silence.  If you are one, please let us help you.  Not every victim needs emergency shelter, but every victim needs help.

Who do we serve?

The Julian Center provides outreach services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. 

These supportive services are available: 1) to victims who, for whatever reason, do not need emergency shelter, and 2) as post-case management to victims who have exited a residential program.
Our first priority is your safety.
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Outreach Initiatives


Non-Residential Advocacy

The non-residential outreach advocates offices are housed in The Julian Center complex.  The advocates work with victims who either do not need shelter or clients who have exited a residential program.  Our outreach advocates work with victims to plan for their safety, obtain protective orders, and access supportive and practical services.  Some of those services include legal aid, counseling, support groups, court accompaniment, clothing, housing and job searches, food items, cell phones programmed to 911, and referrals to community agencies.

Legal Services

Legal representation is an important first step for many victims.  One of the primary tasks of our legal team is to assure women that their abusers cannot manipulate the law to continue the cycle of violence against them and/or their children.  Our legal department works with outreach clients to make sure they get the representation they need and gain access to services required to protect their rights.


Other Outreach Services

Food Pantry:  The Julian Center maintains a Food Pantry so that victims of domestic violence can continue to feed themselves and their children after ending abusive relationships.  This is a critical resource for women transitioning to head of household and reentering the workforce.  For more information, click here.

Donation Center/Thrifty Threads:  Community donations of clothing, furniture, household goods, toys, and other products are received and made available at our thrift store, Thrifty Threads.  Victims shop for the items they need free-of-charge using a voucher system.  Vouchers are awarded to victims participating in our residential and outreach programs and through partnering service providers.


Need help?

Call our 24-Hour Crisis Line at (317) 920-9320.  Someone is standing by every hour of every day of the year to take your call.
Every person deserves love and respect 

Every person deserves
love and respect.
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If you need help, call The Julian Center 24-Hour Crisis Line at (317) 920-9320.