For individuals suffering from domestic violence, calling for help may be one of the most difficult calls they ever make.  Yet, that phone call is only the beginning of the journey toward a violence free life.  The Julian Center Shelter can be your bridge between the life you want to leave behind and your hope for a new beginning.

Do you need help?

Someone is waiting to answer your call 24 hours a day.  Simply pick up the phone and dial (317) 920-9320.

What can you expect?

Leaving your home and moving into a shelter can be frightening.  We understand that.  Not knowing what to expect might be keeping you from making the call.  Please, don’t let it.  Let us help.  

Here are some answers to questions others have had.  Perhaps this information will offer you some reassurance and give you the courage to act.
  1. How will I know that I will be safe?
  2. Will my children be safe?  What about their schooling?
  3. Will I be sleeping on a cot with others in a large room?
  4. What other facilities does the Shelter offer?
  5. What can I bring with me to Shelter?
  6. What if I have to leave my personal items behind?
  7. How will I get there if I don’t have transportation?
  8. What will happen when I arrive at the Shelter?
  9. What will be expected of me?
  10. How long can I stay?
  11. What kind of help will be available to help me start over?
  12. What about my pets?
  13. Is the Shelter handicapped accessible?

The Julian Center Shelter

Here are a few images of our emergency shelter.


Imagine living daily with the physical harm and threats of fatal domestic violence.
Imagine having children - who witness the abuse - being frightened into silence and living in fear.
Imagine having family or friends you can stay with, but the potential for putting them at risk is too great.
Imagine there not being a place like The Julian Center Shelter to turn to.  And, then, imagine the despair of choosing between being homeless or suffering the daily punishment of abuse.
Is it hard to imagine?  We hope so.  But, for many of those who come into our Shelter, this is their reality.  These are their choices.


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If you need help, call The Julian Center 24-Hour Crisis Line at (317) 920-9320.