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Help Provide Nourishment and Peace

As you sit down for meals with your family and friends this holiday season, please think about Tristan and his aunt Connie, who are among the nearly 1,000 families who live at The Julian Center each year. For every one of those families, sharing a meal together in peace is a priceless gift. Read More >>

Gen Con Names The Julian Center as 2015 Charity Partner

Gen Con, North America’s largest and longest-running gaming convention, has selected The Julian Center as its charity partner for 2015. Each year, Gen Con partners with one charity, local to Indianapolis, fostering events intended to create donations for the partner organization. Read More >>

Colts and Irsay Family Support Domestic Violence Charities

Since moving to Indiana 30 years ago, the Indianapolis Colts have supported thousands of charitable organizations addressing hundreds of important community needs, including the awareness and prevention of domestic violence. Read More >>

Empowerment and Counseling Center

The Sara and Albert Reuben Empowerment and Counseling Center merges several critical services into one location including: one-on-one advocacy; extended case management; counseling; legal services, Protective Order clinic ... Read More >>

I Am Safer

"I love The Julian Center because the school is great and I like the toys they give us. Also I am safer when I'm here. I love the Julian Center park. It is fun for us there! Thank you!" Read More >>

New World Health Organization

"According to the new [World Health Organization] report, about 1 in 3 women age 15 and above has been physically abused or raped, and over 85% of those women were attacked by their own partners." Read More >>

How Art Can Help Heal

The use of art therapy is instrumental in helping many victims of domestic abuse work through their complicated feelings after leaving an abuser. Here is one woman's triumph after working on a therapy project... Read More >>




#OurJulianCenter works tirelessly to empower survivors of domestic and sexual violence and to facilitate a community where every individual is safe and respected. Each survivor we support comes to us at a different point in their journey. "Danielle" arrived at The Julian Center full of determination and with clear aspirations. While she was very emotional and struggled with low self-esteem, Danielle's motivation was her daughter. She was committed to doing everything she needed to do to regain custody.
Brittany, Danielle's advocate, described Danielle as very easy to work with: "Her determination to complete her goals means that she is prepared and ready to do whatever is asked of her." Her immediate goal was to secure an apartment, to provide an ideal living situation for herself and her daughter. By taking advantage of the comprehensive services offered to her, Danielle created her own success story. Danielle has secured full-time employment with benefits, permanent housing and community based health care, and will leave The Julian Center determined and independent.

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