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To help victims of domestic violence and abuse become successful survivors.


Popular Causes


Types of Abuse

  • Physical Abuse

    Intentionally causing bodily injury. Examples include slapping, kicking, shoving, punching, etc.

  • Sexual Abuse

    Any unwanted sexual contact. Examples include touching, rape, sodomy, coerced nudity, etc.

  • Emotional Abuse

    Intentionally causing emotional pain. Examples include intimidation, ridiculing, isolation, etc.

  • Financial Abuse

    Withholding money, controlling the household spending or refusing to include you in financial decisions

  • Digital Abuse

    Using technologies such as texting and social media to bully, harass, stalk or intimidate a partner.

  • Stalking

    Repeated and unwanted harassment or contact that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear

Working Today for a Safer Tomorrow

In 2023, we assisted thousands of people in their quest to live a life free of violence.

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Every Gift Makes an Impact

Your Donations Make Every Program, Meal Served, and Night's Stay Possible

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Can provide a gas card for a survivor to get to work.

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Can provide 4 hours of staffing for our 24 hour crisis line.

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Can provide a bus ticket to get a survivor out of town for safety.

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Can help run the entire Julian Center campus for one hour.

The Julian Center empowers survivors of domestic and sexual violence and creates a community where every individual is safe and respected. And we are proud to be the largest organization of its kind in Indiana.

Since 1975, we have assisted more than 66,350 people and educated over 365,750 others on the causes and effects of domestic and sexual violence and its impact on our community.