Promises made and promises kept

Every Gift Matters

Every day, staff at The Julian Center answers the crisis line. Every phone call begins a conversation with a person in need of help on the other end of the line. Some of the people in need have children, some do not. Some of the people have resources and places to go, many do not. And in every single case we’re here – ready to provide for, shelter, listen to, and help the healing process for everyone who calls. We can make promises and keep promises to everyone who calls because of monetary and in kind donations from people like you who care.

The Julian Center is a 501c3 organization under the Internal Revenue Code and all monetary and in-kind donations to The Julian Center are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Your donations make every program, every meal served, and every night’s stay possible.

To speak with someone about making a donation, please contact Heather Parker at or 317-941-2219.

You may set up a recurring gift at times of your choosing. Our secure online credit card service will automatically charge an amount you choose to your credit card monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can set your gift for a term of months, or continue your scheduled gifts until you notify us to stop. This helps us sustain our live-saving programs.

A gift to The Julian Center is a wonderful way to remember special people who have passed away by helping to save the life of someone in need.

An honor gift is a unique way to recognize family, friends or colleagues. Your gift connects a significant person in your life with people in need. We’ll let your honoree know (without amount, of course) of your special tribute to them. Consider a special gift for a birthday, promotion, wedding or a special holiday.

If you would like to make a gift for the future, please click here to take a look at our Planned Giving information.

Many companies sponsor matching gift programs where they match the charitable contributions made by their employees. If you or your spouse work for a matching gift company, you can multiply the impact of your gift by requesting a matching gift form from your Human Resources office. Simply complete the form and mail it with your gift to:
The Julian Center
Attn: Jeff Brown
2011 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds that have been held for one or more years can provide great tax savings for you since the capital gain on unrealized appreciation is waived.

Gifts of securities will be recorded at fair market value on the date of transfer.

Certificates held by you
You may give securities you hold in certificate form to The Julian Center by hand delivering or mailing the certificate to our office. If you plan to mail the certificate, please call Jeff Brown at 317.941.2200 for specific instructions.

Securities held by your broker
Due to current statutes, your broker is not allowed to disclose any personal information when they transfer your securities. This includes your name. If you wish to gift stock through your broker, please use these three steps so that we may recognize your gift.

  1. Click here to complete the Gift of Security Transfer Form.
  2. Provide your broker with your name and address, the name and number of shares/certificates to be donated, and how you wish your gift to be designated (if any).
  3. Give your broker the following contact information so he/she may contact us for specific transfer instructions.
    The Julian Center
    Jeff Brown
    2011 North Meridian Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46202-1305

Need Help? You Are Not Alone.
Call the 24-Hour Crisis Line (317) 920-9320.

Every Gift Makes an Impact

Your Donations Make Every Program, Meal Served, and Night's Stay Possible

$ 0

Can provide a gas card for a survivor to get to work.

$ 0

Can provide 4 hours of staffing for our 24 hour crisis line.

$ 0

Can provide a bus ticket to get a survivor out of town for safety.

$ 0

Can help run the entire Julian Center campus for one hour.

The Julian Center empowers survivors of domestic and sexual violence and creates a community where every individual is safe and respected. And we are proud to be the largest organization of its kind in Indiana.

Since 1975, we have assisted more than 66,350 people and educated over 365,750 others on the causes and effects of domestic and sexual violence and its impact on our community.