If you have a talent, interest, or skill and are passionate about our mission to help victims of domestic violence and abuse become successful survivors, there’s a place for you to volunteer at The Julian Center!

Some of the benefits people derive from volunteering include a sense of satisfaction from helping others and improving one’s community … having a way to utilize untapped educational skills and talents … learning new skills … making new friends … increasing one’s awareness … feeling needed … making professional contacts … building self-confidence … learning how to take responsibility … gaining recognition … serving society … giving back!

Scroll down to see our current volunteer opportunities and ways you can make an impact today!

Current Volunteer Opportunities at The Julian Center Shelter

  • Community Events: helping with outreach and education activities at booths and events.
  • Facility Projects: Painting, Cleaning, Organizing Basic Needs Items
  • Food Service: organizing food pantry, food prep
  • Rain Garden: Planting, Weeding, Landscaping
  • Shelter Events/Special Projects: (Plan, Organize, Setup)
  • Wellness Programs: Instructor (Yoga, Zumba, Mindfulness, Aerobics), health and wellness education providers


Group Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way for your group to build your team and inspire camaraderie while giving back to your community. It’s great for families and friends as well. We have wonderful opportunities for you to make a difference for someone in need.

Contact JT Thomas, Volunteer Coordinator, at jthomas@juliancenter.org for specific group opportunities and volunteer requirements.

We always need volunteers at Thrifty Threads, our retail thrift store. Thrifty Threads is located at 1501 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260 (86th and Ditch Rd).

This option is great for those who need hours for community service projects and service-learning programs. For schedules and more information, please contact Maumi Vankirk, Director of Retail Services, to get started at (317) 802-9612.


If you are looking for a team-building activity, we are always appreciative when organizations create a donation drive for our Wishlist Items or hold a fundraiser. You can see our current Wish List items here and get updated needs in our monthly newsletter. If your organization or business would like to hold a fundraising event to benefit The Julian Center, please contact Jenni Evans at jevans@juliancenter.org for more information.

Volunteer FAQs

How do I begin the process of becoming a regular volunteer?

  • Complete the Pre-Orientation Volunteer Interview Form
  • We will review your submission and provide you with upcoming dates for Virtual Orientation to choose from.
  • Attend a Virtual Orientation Session and complete the required volunteer forms.
  • Complete your background check (see below for details and fee information)
  • Sign Up for Volunteer opportunities with our Volunteer Coordinator!
  • What background checks are required to volunteer at the shelter and what is the cost?

  • To ensure our survivors’ safety, we require all regular volunteers to complete a background check, attend orientation, and any necessary training. Background checks are mandatory for individual volunteers due to the sensitive nature of our work with domestic violence survivors and their children.
  • Due to limited resources, The Julian Center is unable to cover the cost of these background checks, which typically cost around $16 on average (depending on the number of states you’ve lived in). This expense is paid online during the background check process with Safe Hiring/Safe Visitor Solutions. If you have questions about other payment options, please let us know. You will receive an email with background check instructions AFTER you attend a virtual orientation session.
  • Group volunteers must have one designated member to complete required background checks and this person will be required to accompany their entire group during volunteering to maintain our safety practices.
  • When are the upcoming Virtual Orientation Sessions?

    Once you complete the Volunteer Interview Form, you can email JT Thomas at jthomas@juliancenter.org to sign up for an upcoming virtual orientation session. These sessions are held quarterly throughout the year and all are on Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm via Zoom (link will be emailed to you)

    *Tentative Orientation Dates will be included in our monthly newsletter, as well as on social media and our website, so stay tuned!

    Need Help? You Are Not Alone.
    Call the 24-Hour Crisis Line (317) 920-9320.

    Every Gift Makes an Impact

    Your Donations Make Every Program, Meal Served, and Night's Stay Possible

    $ 0

    Can provide a gas card for a survivor to get to work.

    $ 0

    Can provide 4 hours of staffing for our 24 hour crisis line.

    $ 0

    Can provide a bus ticket to get a survivor out of town for safety.

    $ 0

    Can help run the entire Julian Center campus for one hour.

    The Julian Center empowers survivors of domestic and sexual violence and creates a community where every individual is safe and respected. And we are proud to be the largest organization of its kind in Indiana.

    Since 1975, we have assisted more than 66,350 people and educated over 365,750 others on the causes and effects of domestic and sexual violence and its impact on our community.